Colleague recruitment software is extremely flexible and adaptable – we encourage our customers to provide enhancement feedback, we adapt to recruiters needs, and we are always willing to integrate with preferred third party software

In short, Colleague recruitment software is highly customisable and in most cases a simple bit of reconfiguring with help from our technical support team should see you quickly underway.

Occasionally we’re asked if Colleague can provide a particular piece of functionality which isn’t included in the vast list of whistles and bells Colleague comes with as standard. When that happens, our experienced technical support and development team  really comes into its own. Unlike some techies you may have encountered we really relish a challenge!

Through a passionate commitment to improvement and innovation − along with an in-depth understanding of recruiters needs − Colleague recruitment software continues to be ahead of the game, embracing new technologies and fresh ideas in an on-going effort to ensure our clients outperform their competitors.

For some examples of our customised services check our our client case studies.



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